Meet the recipient of our 2017 Fundraiser Scholarship

Did you attend our fundraiser event at Verso Books in Brooklyn last fall? If so, the money you donated made possible a full scholarship to Catalyst 2018! The recipient of that scholarship is a young man by the name of Marlon Andres who will be joining us from Colombia this summer. Once again, thank you for your generosity! 

"Hi! I come from a small town located in the municipality of Arauquita-Arauca in the marvellous country that is Colombia. The minute I heard about Catalyst I decided to apply. It struck me as a great opportunity to learn about the politics of the War on Drugs. I'm interested in exploring how radio can be used to tell different stories and to make an impact upon my society. Through Catalyst 2018 I'm looking forward to learning all that I need to learn to launch a community radio project of my own. I'm both really excited and really nervous for my journey as this will be the first time I experience anything like this. Thank you to everyone who believes in young people like me and in the great things that we are capable of accomplishing!"

(translated from Spanish)