Meet the recipient of our 2017 Fundraiser Scholarship

Did you attend our fundraiser event at Verso Books in Brooklyn last fall? If so, the money you donated made possible a full scholarship to Catalyst 2018! The recipient of that scholarship is a young man by the name of Marlon Andres who will be joining us from Colombia this summer. Once again, thank you for your generosity! 

"Hi! I come from a small town located in the municipality of Arauquita-Arauca in the marvellous country that is Colombia. The minute I heard about Catalyst I decided to apply. It struck me as a great opportunity to learn about the politics of the War on Drugs. I'm interested in exploring how radio can be used to tell different stories and to make an impact upon my society. Through Catalyst 2018 I'm looking forward to learning all that I need to learn to launch a community radio project of my own. I'm both really excited and really nervous for my journey as this will be the first time I experience anything like this. Thank you to everyone who believes in young people like me and in the great things that we are capable of accomplishing!"

(translated from Spanish) 


Expanding our reach

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We had two exciting opportunities to share our curriculum with the wider education community this spring. In collaboration with Columbia University's Institute for Latin American Studies K-12 Outreach Program, we published our first official curriculum guide, a modified version of our curriculum adapted for Tristate Area public high school teachers. In coordination with the release of the guide, Diana and Theo delivered our first teacher training to a group of interested teachers, social workers and students at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Later in May, Diana presented our curriculum guide to a group of public high school teachers from Bogotá at an event organized by the Universidad de los Andes.

It is exciting to see our curriculum begin to take on a life of its own as other educators from across the continent begin to adapt it to their classrooms. 

The Politics of Military Deployment in Contemporary Mexico


Nuestra querida Camila Ruiz Segovia va a presentar su tesis de licenciatura titulada "La politización del despliegue militar en México contemporáneo"  el jueves, 3 de mayo a las 12PM EST (11AM, CDMX) en el Faculty Club de Brown University. El evento será transmitido en vivo via la página de Facebook del Departamento de Ciencias Políticas. En un par de días, el Departamento publicará la liga para la transmisión en Facebook. No se la pierda! 

Our very own Camila Ruiz Segovia will be presenting her undergraduate thesis entitled "The Politics of Military Deployment in Contemporary Mexico" this Thursday, May 3 at 12 PM EST at the Faculty Club of Brown University. The event will be live-streamed on the Facebook page of the Department of Political Science. In a couple of days, the Department will post the link for the live-streaming here. Don't miss it! 

Join us for our first teacher training in New York!


In collaboration with Columbia University's Institute for Latin American Studies K-12 Outreach Program, Diana and Theo have been busy at work adapting the Catalyst curriculum to New York City Public school standards. Our new curriculum guide will allow Tristate Area high school teachers to teach elements of Catalyst curriculum in their classrooms.  We are so excited to present the guide at our first teacher training at Teacher's College, Columbia University in New York next Saturday, April 28, 9:00AM-5:00PM.  Please help spread the word to high school educators, social workers, or anyone working with high school aged adolescents in the New York City area! 

Curriculum development 2018: Bogotá

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Nataya, Diana and Theo had a fun and productive week in Bogotá during which they completely redesigned and revamped the curriculum for Catalyst 2018! The highlight of the workshop was definitely being able to meet up with some of our alumni from Catalyst 2017 and working with them to further refine the new curriculum. We can't wait to test out all our new ideas this summer! 

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New Team Members


We are happy to welcome two new members onto our team for Catalyst 2018! Serena Hughley joins us from Spelman College in Atlanta Georgia, where she majors in International Studies and Spanish. She focuses on African-American solidarity with other groups of color in the Americas with a specific interest in drug policy, mass incarceration and restricted movement. She is an avid reader, enjoys writing short stories and loves photography. David Aristizabal, joins us from the University of  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where he is currently pursuing a PhD in anthropology. His research examines the relationship between environmental governance and processes of violence and marginalization in Colombia’s cities. David loves podcasts, poetry, salsa dancing and labor organizing.